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Mike C.

"BellTower is a partner and we would not perform at the high level that we do without their ability to plan, execute and manage!  They are an expert in navigating a complicated field of vendors, all promising big results.  Without BellTower's expertise, we would be lost."

 - Mike Castrucci Chevrolet Ford

Julie P.

"BellTower are wonderful experts at buying and managing our advertising in several markets and getting the most from our advertising budget. They helped us define our strategy, implement it and make sure our media plans stay on track."

 - Eye Surgical Associates

Matt C.

"BellTower provides a personal level of service regardless of the amount you spend.  All BellTower customers are important to them. Upper management is always accessible and engaged in the process... Amy's stats are untouchable.  She's a straight shooter that provides industry leading results... She and her staff are doing things right!"

 - Matt Castrucci AutoMall

Don H.

"One of the hardest parts of Advertising is staying up to date and ahead of the curve. Thankfully I have Belltower to always keep me updated and out in front of all media trends."

 - Cincinnati Eye Institute

Donna P.

"BellTower cares about my budget and my company's success as much as I do.  They treat my money like it was their money and protect it the same way.  We've worked with the BellTower team for many years, and they take as much care with our business as they do their biggest clients."

 - Sterling Research