By Nick DeNuzio

“My radio advertising isn’t working anymore.”  Has this thought entered your mind?  The same radio buys that you have been placing for years just aren’t producing the same results.  The same powerhouse music station or juggernaut talk station that flooded your business with customers just doesn’t seem to have the same effect anymore.  Is it radio?  Is it the listeners?  Are you just losing your mind?  Should you just cancel all your radio and put the money under the mattress for safe keeping?  Well, no you are not losing your mind.  And please, do not start hoarding the advertising budget under your mattress.  This is a very common problem among traditional media.  The advertising landscape has shifted, becoming fragmented and complicated.  That does not mean that you need to give up.  It just means that you need to adapt and strategize more.

Years ago you could put your budget into one medium and deliver incredible results because consumers were limited to few options for entertainment and news delivery.  Radio was a primary source for news, traffic, weather, and entertainment.  You had a captive audience.

Fast forward to today.  That captive audience is no longer focused.  In fact, consumers are hit with a barrage of messaging from all angles at every single second.  As an example, try and count the number of advertisements you encounter today.  Radio in your car,  TV while making dinner, a banner ad on your phone as you check the day’s headlines, a Facebook ad you see while commenting on a friend’s picture, a tweet, a snap, an Instagram photo.  Not to mention the different delivery systems to get music and news including terrestrial radio and streaming services, and any number of new apps that do the same thing.  You get the point.  Just as a consumer it can be overwhelming.  As an advertiser, it can be overwhelming, confusing, and stressful.  So what do you do?  How do you fight through the clutter?

The answer is not as complicated or confusing as you think.  The solution is to find an experienced media strategist and buyer that you trust and who is up on all the industry trends.  This person or agency will be your knowledgeable tour guide through the new media landscape.  A good strategist and buyer knows the best combination of media to provide a cost-effective, impactful campaign to reach your intended audience.

For example, an experienced strategist and buyer would suggest cutting down a 60-second radio ad to only 30-seconds, saving you money to put towards your Facebook and Instagram campaign.  Or take the 4 full weeks you spend on radio and instead run 2 weeks a month and move the savings to a highly targeted digital banner campaign.  The point of a strategist and buyer is to show you the best way to utilize the many varieties of advertising that are now available to you.  Their job is to help you find a way to reach your audience through the chaos that is the new reality.

Now more than ever, you need an expert to navigate your media budget.  Bottom line: Radio alone is no longer the answer.