About Us

Saving Time and Money Since 2004

After years of working for others and growing their businesses, Amy Gray decided it was time to branch out and start her own company.  BellTower Advertising began in 2004 as a small operation, with only a handful of clients and 2 employees, Amy and Alex Gray.  Within the first year, BellTower doubled the number of clients, and its annual revenue.  Through Amy’s leadership, BellTower has continued to grow and develop into a leading advertising agency in the Greater Cincinnati area.  With accounts small and large, BellTower values each client with the same attentiveness and skill, determined to help them grow their business.

BellTower began as a traditional media buying agency, focusing on radio, TV, and outdoor.  However, being a savvy businesswoman, Amy knows the advertising landscape is continuously changing.  She saw that digital advertising would be the next big media, and immediately started to pitch this to her clients to put them ahead of the rest.  BellTower is constantly looking for new ways to benefit our clients with smart cost-effective digital and traditional media.

As we provide a high level of service and accountability to our clients, we expect the same from our media partners.  Because of our diligence, you can expect honest straightforward advice and reconciliations, as we inspect every plan from start to finish.  From our rates, to our orders, to our invoices, we review every piece for accuracy and efficiency, ensuring you receive the best and most accurate information.  BellTower doesn’t hide behind fancy language or flashy pictures.  Instead, we tend to be results-driven, which provides us with the opportunity to be transparent with our clients.

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