By Amy Gray

If the responsibility of creating advertisements or determining where to run your ad has you frazzled, hire a media buyer!  There are considerable advantages of retaining a skilled media buyer to help you search out and reach the clients/patients you desire.   Below are the top 8 reasons you should hire a buyer to do your media bidding.

1.  It Costs Nothing Extra

When you use an accredited media buyer to negotiate and purchase your advertising, the media buyer is paid a commission from the media (Similar to travel agents).  For example, let’s say you want to buy a radio spot that costs $100. If you work directly with the station sales rep, that spot will cost $100.  Now, if your media buyer got the same rate, which is rare, and the buyer gets the standard 15% commission, you’re actually only paying $85 for the spot.  Most likely, however, your buyer will get you a cheaper rate, because of the next point.

2.  Negotiation “Leverage”

Media buying services possess purchasing power, in both national and local markets, that you simply cannot have on your own.  Professional media buyers place advertising for multiple clients, giving them an annual expenditure much larger than a single company can provide.  As you can imagine, this level of spending gives them more advantages when negotiating pricing and placement.  Utilizing a media buyer means your budget can be spread even farther than you would be able to on your own.

3.  ROI Tracking and Waste Management

Placing the most effective creative message in the right places doesn’t always produce the results you’d expect.  Because of this, you need a way to track the response to your ads.  The best media buyers will be able to make quick alterations and hold media outlets accountable for the results.  Whether this includes make goods, added value, or order changes, media buyers are better equipped to see a problem and resolve it in a way that benefits their customers.

4.  No More Sales Calls

Inevitably, media sales reps from competing stations and other media outlets may try to earn a portion of the market share of your campaign.  Your media buyer will become the point of contact for all media salespeople. A good media buyer will take these calls and help you decide if their offers are worth your time.

5.  Accountability

It can be tedious and time-consuming to ensure all the spots or impressions you ordered ran in the right place and time.  Media buyers will reconcile your invoices to ensure everything ran correctly and demand comeuppance when there are any errors.  You benefit by receiving free coverage beyond what you ordered, or by not being forced to pay for ads didn’t run as desired.

6.  Focus on Your Business

Letting someone else manage your marketing means you get to spend more time on what actually matters to you – running your business.  You can focus on your customers and growing your business while your media buyer concentrates on getting your message out to your target audience.

7.  Help with Creative Needs

Your media plan is only successful if your campaign creates the desired response.  A poorly delivered message only negatively impacts a good media campaign.  If you don’t already have a creative team, your media buyer can direct you to their expert contacts in order to get the best ads for your campaigns.  Being in the industry means they know which designers will give you what you want at a reasonable price. Enlisting a professional media buyer to help you reach your desired audience is a true win-win scenario.  Their marketing know-how and creative approach will not only up-your-game but their behind the scenes services will prove indispensable.