By Megan Deeter


Let’s face it – the world has changed and advertising platforms have changed, too.  Today’s online advertising has become paramount for businesses who want to survive.  With multiple new strategies to embrace, this form of advertising can come across as intimidating, but the benefits prove well worth it.  If you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed with this newer media, keep reading to discover the advantages of digital advertising:

Advantage 1: Long-Term Strategy

You can’t deny the facts – today’s world resides on the internet. We are all attached to some type of electronic device 24/7.  Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, most of us own or work on a gadget of some kind. How does that impact you and your business?  In 2015, 75% of the U.S. population was online.  That number has only grown as new social media sites have developed.  The average internet user 18-34 spends over 50 hours a week on the internet.  That’s 50 hours a week you could be at the top of their mind while they browse their content.  Pair that with the fact that your online advertising message can now reach customers all over the globe not just those in your backyard.  The numbers continue to grow, so it only makes sense to direct marketing dollars to digital.

Advantage 2: You’re In Control

With traditional media, it’s difficult to see the exact placement and ROI.  Targeting a specific audience can be difficult with broad mediums such as radio and TV.  However, with digital advertising you are able to pick and choose the tactics that make sense to you and your message, without a lot of waste.  You are also able to track your campaign much more efficiently to determine what tactics are working and what isn’t.  This all boils down to keeping your investment hyper-focused for actual results.






Advantage 3: Extremely Effective Advertising

As digital marketing grows as powerhouse media, creative messaging is mandatory in order to catch your core audience.  Luckily, it’s easier to determine just what works and what doesn’t in digital, as you can actively monitor your creative performance.  Developing brand trust is also important, and easier with social media.  Social media is a cheaper digital option, to be used as an add-on tactic in order to bolster your customer base.  It allows you to interact and effectively engage with your audience, thus giving you more opportunities to secure their business.

Advantage 4: A Big Fan-Base

Growing your customer base has never been easier than with the internet and social media.  You can unlock hundreds and thousands more “fans” with the right social media strategy.  This does not just mean ads on Facebook either.  Communicating with your audience through posts on multiple social accounts engages your audience and keeps you in their feed and minds.  Any post with humor or a heartfelt message has the potential of going viral, which bumps your existence higher than any paid advertising.  The downside is that viral message could turn on you, so it’s important to have a strategy behind your messaging, one that coincides with your paid advertising.

Advantage 5: Reach Your Customer

The internet collects thousands of data points on its users, and as an advertiser, you have this data at your fingertips.  Using basic demographics up to specific interests, job titles, household incomes, etc. can only bolster your targeted reach.  By filtering out the people most likely to utilize your business or service, you are more effectively spending your budget on those users who will actually affect your bottom-line.  You can do this through display advertising or social media, and can track users down to their geographic location, even creating a 1-mile radius around your business.


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